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Tons are going on while I am busy getting myself too tired again.

These variegated acrylic yarns (100% acrylic) are now in-stock, but not in-store yet. The listings may only go up over the weekend, because I need to follow a strict work schedule until all orders are made and shipped.

These yarns will be available in packs of 5s; 10s; 15s; 30s; 40s – similar to the packing for deluxe yarns in our store.

Another quick news for Singapore buyers, I am in the midst of negotiating and working out details with a local courier service. We will continue to provide free domestic shipping via regular mail (tracking is not possible) for orders exceeding S$50.00; free upgrade to registered mail (with tracking facility and S$68 default indemnity coverage) for orders exceeding S$100.00 – via Singapore Post.

These offers only apply to orders weighing under 2kg – weight limit set by Singapore Post for one single package. The maximum number of yarns to be packed within the limit of 2kg is 40 balls, hence the listing of 40 balls. If you wish to take advantage of the repeat discount of 7% off the supplies (including bulk purchases of yarns and eyes/noses) at minimum purchase of S$200.00 in a single invoice, chances are that the yarns will exceed the weight limit of 2kg. Therefore, not entitled to free shipping.

However, I am working on the numbers with the new courier service, and will be offering something else for you. Instead of paying for Speedpost local courier for bulk item @ S$30.55 + handling fee; you may opt to pay S$6.00 (saplanet originals™ will pay for the rest) to have the bulk purchases delivered to you; or S$5.50 to self-collect (saplanet originals™ will pay for the rest) from designated venues.

Now, I only have very limited time to work on administrative stuffs now, so I have to split each tasks in parts, so that your orders get made, and shipped in time. Email for details if you are interested in buying before the listings are created.

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