mini amigurumis with teru teru bozu

the amigurumis

This is the 2nd installment to the order that I rushed out before I left for vacation.

teru teru bozu in sweet pink

Teru teru bozu pastel pink is really sweet. The cream color ribbon gives a subtle touch to the dancing weather doll.

tikki amigurumi tiger

Little Tikki tiger looks very friendly and adorable with the new heart shaped nose. I find the size perfect fit for the mini amigurumi designs that I do.

I have another lot of order which should take at least 1.5 weeks to complete, so photos in the shop(s) are not updated yet, if you see something here that you like and don’t see the image in the shop, just leave the link of this post of any other posts in the message box at check out.

Product references:

Tikki amigurumi tiger

Eldo amigurumi elephant

Teru teru bozu crochet weather doll

Wilbie amigurumi piglet

Forestie amiguurmi tortoise

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