mini teru teru bozu | cell charm | key chain

mini teru teru bozu

The mini teru teru bozus look like they are ready to dance the waltz, yes? Graciously, they bowed to each other, and take the dance floor by storm! (Sure, this only took place in my imaginative mind)

mini teru teru bozu - key chain

The colors are chosen by the customer, and I like the way this turns out. I would want to open the door as frequently if I wear this little cutie with the keys. (the fact remains that I have not been out of the apartment for nearly a month now, and still counting, because I still have 33 more orders to finish, and struggle to fit in the much resisted income tax filing before the closing date)

I imagine that this little cutie is a an active and earnest learner. I am reminded of Puss the cat, showing his signature irresistible round eyes…

mini teru teru bozu - cell charm

The little sweetie showing a demure expression, and to be worn as a cell charm.

I think teru teru bozu actually makes perfect door gifts, party favors, and wedding favors etc, imagine everyone carrying one, seeking for the perfect weather for the event!

Product reference:

teru teru bozu


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