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mixes of amigurumis

One batch of the order completed and shipped! They look like they are going to have so much fun together, yes?

Clearly, Jaja, the huggable ninja is the guardian for all the little ones traveling with him to the new home. It’s a great combination. The teru teru bozus ensure that they will enjoy the perfect weather in the journey; the red riding hood makes cookies and cakes for the group; the angel of light makes sure that the big bad good wolf who turns over a new leaf remains good and the vampie vampire doesn’t bully the teeny ninja. Of course, the cutie teeny ninja is there to keep everyone entertained, like any baby of the family would.

Jaja, keeps a watchful eye on wolfie and vampie. Let’s say, he is just more vigilant and cautious when it comes to protecting everyone. He is one skillful, trustworthy ninja that anyone can depend on.

They are now on the business class flight to their new home; and in their privileged cabin, and they are covered by travel insurance because they are too precious.

jaja the huggable ninja doll

“Did you hear that?? I am not paranoid!!! There, you hear that?? Someone’s coming.. HIDE NOW!!!” Always vigilant, good ninja!

jaja the huggable ninja doll

“You silly vampire! Don’t you know that I have a pair of night visioned eyes that see clearly in the night? Of course I can see you!!”

teeny amigurumi ninja

“I am fastest teeny ninja in the world!!! I have already circled these ‘rocks’ 5 times over, when you blinked your eyes!! I am too good or what!”

Product references:

+ teru teru bozu

+ jaja, huggable ninja

+ teeny ninja

+ red riding hood

+ angel of light

+ vampie vampire

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