adopt-a-doll for japan earthquake and tsunami relief efforts

'adopt-a-doll' for japan earthquake & tsunami relief efforts

If you are reading my blog, on the world-wide-web platform, I am quite sure that you are well aware of the devastating Japan Earthquake and Tsunami disaster. I have never been to Japan, and I don’t think I know anyone who lives in the affected areas, but I know in a far sight, we are all living in the same planet – Earth.

My husband – Mike – and I donated separately (I’ll explain later why the deed is done separately) through the Salvation Army for this cause. (I am slightly upset that I couldn’t locate any local donation channel, because for some reasons, American Red Cross website couldn’t accept my donation, and I went to the next trusted name – salvation army. I wouldn’t have such problem if the Singapore organizations step up on this)

Yet, it felt insufficient. I’m sure we can try to take an extra mile, yes? My crazy brain raced quickly and decided that I will make a series of rainbow mini teru teru bozu, which is very appropriate because teru teru bozu is the Japanese traditional weather doll to pray for good weather.

I discussed this plan with Mike and told him that I will make the dolls to sell for charity and raise fund to contribute to this relief efforts. My plan was to make these dolls in the late evening – my personal rest time – after I end the work hours (longer work hours due to large orders). I didn’t sleep so well last night, I woke up too early, because that idea didn’t sit well with me. My work schedule is sardine packed, but I believe that we can always make time (squeeze it with the juicer if you must; I mean, desperate situation calls for extreme measures, yes?) for what matters to us. This matters, a lot!

Let me be clear of this… Weekends are non-working days, even though I am not very disciplined and always worked through through the weekend, so that I could ship even earlier than the projected delivery time. However, officially, weekends are really personal rest time and I have been unbelievably too tired for too long, but in this case, I used the entire Sunday in working on this project, with no guilt.

rainbow colors weather dolls

I have considered carefully, and decided to make 7 mini teru teru bozu in rainbow colors. Rainbow colors are colors of hope and compassion. Rainbow denotes that there is sunshine after the rain.

adopt-a-doll in red

Red in rainbow palette symbolizes vitality.

adopt-a-doll in orange (adopted)

Orange in rainbow palette symbolizes creativity. (adopted)

adopt-a-doll in yellow

Yellow in rainbow palette symbolizes wisdom.

adopt-a-doll in green (adopted)

Green in rainbow palette symbolizes life and nature. (adopted)

adopt-a-doll in blue (adopted)

Blue in rainbow palette symbolizes spirituality. (adopted)

adopt-a-doll in indigo (adopted)

Indigo in rainbow palette symbolizes infinity. (adopted)

adopt-a-doll in violet

Violet in rainbow palette symbolizes element in spiritual mastery.

All proceeds (less shipping and paypal fee) will be going towards the Japan Earthquake and Tsunami Relief Efforts. Official documents or receipts will be uploaded to the listing accordingly when all 7 dolls are sold. (currently 4 are sold)

My apologies if this post is getting lengthy. I agree that when we perform an act of kindness, there is no need to announce to the world. I beg to differ when it comes to such big scale emergency; when every minute is as precious as air in enclosed room. This is no time to remain modest and anonymous, this is the time to spread the word as far as you could.

Imagine this, we share videos and news updates on the facebook very conveniently and quickly, then flood the news feed down with tons of other updates. This kind of sharing is similar to bystanders watching the victim drowning in the water, but we just make way for more people to come join us and watch. Perhaps, if one of us takes the plunge and shouts out loud, ‘I’ll help!’, and the next thing you know, the crowd is suddenly awaken and think proactively. Maybe they would bring out something from their cars which helps to rescue that struggling man in the water.

So, please, if you wish to share a link or update on the social networking platform, you may wish to include useful information such as where to donate. We have to assume that not everyone is internet savvy just because they use internet.

What I am saying is that, at this point, I wish I am richer, but I am not, but that doesn’t stop me from doing what I can to hope it helps. There is no way we could lessen the inconsolable pain of loss of the victims; but perhaps we could make it less worse for them. If you have watched the footage of the scale of the disaster, Emergency is an understatement.

#donating separately in our own names (at earlier part of this post) – it is believed that when we do a good deed in our name, we ‘earn’ merits. I refused to let my husband donate in my name, because his family is stricken with terminally ill patients, and if it is true that the merits could help in any way, I hope the merits could be earned in his name and help his family members be better. My mum is just down with regular aged ailments, I believe the good deeds I have done is enough for her use. 😛 (this is similar to ‘karma’; but in the Chinese beliefs, it’s more like ‘good begets the good’) The donation for this project will be made under ‘simple arts planet’, and you, who adopt a doll will benefit from the merit of good deeds too, because this cannot happen without your help!

Some Useful Information – Donation accepted here – Please donate generously if you could afford:

+ Adopt-a-doll charity project by saplanet originals

+ Salvation Army

+ American Red Cross

(others may be found at yahoo! news)

Don’t beat up yourself if you can’t afford to donate at this point, help in anyway is great help. Believe me, it will make a difference. Say, if you are a student, and you are on study loan already etc, but by sharing and spreading the information, one or few of your wide contact base who can afford, might decide to donate.

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