wedding dolls | chicken bride and piglet groom

chicken bride and piglet groom

When the chicken and the piglet meet, they knew immediately, they are the one for each other.

chicken bride and piglet groom

This pair of wedding dolls is probably based on the Chinese Zodiac animals of the bride and groom.

chicken bride and piglet groom

(noticed the head pin on the bride’s wing? this is the prototype pair, before the entire village is made)

chicken bride and piglet groom

The universal fact is that no matter how good looking the groom may be, we will always have eyes for the bride. The lovely bride, embraced with the world’s blessings, says her sincerest prayer, and it will be heard and answered.

(Custom Order Only: not currently available in store)

Quick update on work schedule:
Although this batch of 24 wedding dolls is shipped and checked off the ‘to-do’ list, my work schedule continues to pile up. Please note that the earliest date to work on your order will be 25 April. If you are ordering more than 3 dolls, the order will be ‘queued’ for May’s schedule, after I return from vacation.

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