original nest jewelry | starry designs

original nest jewelry by starry designs

Just because I deserve the best…

original nest jewelry by starry designs

original nest jewelry by starry designs

So, I am still working on orders, and Easter Day is nearing (honestly, I have no idea when is that, but I received too many newsletter on Easter sale, so I assume it’s really near), I am reminded of a very good friend – Cindy, of starry designs. She makes the most beautiful nest jewelry!

… and of course, because I have a new camera – much complaints over the previous camera, and the husband couldn’t hear another complaint, so he bought me a new one (jokes aside, the husband thinks that most of my hard earned money is going into supporting the retired parents, and it may take half a year for me before I could save up enough for the camera, so he decided to go behind my back and buy it – I am counting my blessings, everyday) and amidst my super busy schedule, I HAVE to allocate some time playing with the new toy. 😛

Believe me, her bird’s nest jewelry is so gorgeous, it ‘inspires’ many others to make similar, but never good enough. I love this so much, I have another one in order!

I imagine that these 3 little eggs bear many goodness in them, sincerity; love; honesty. Just like the artisan herself, she is a sincere friend, hard to come by.

I treasure this jewelry like I cherish the friendship.

Have a beautiful weekend!

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