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scenic view from the back of the bungalow

We are back!!!!!! It was supposed to be an uneventful holiday on an island famous for it’s spirituality. Of course, life ensures us that we plan to get ourselves prepared and have an idea of the path to take; but it may not proceed as we perceive.

entering into the world of serenity

the day bed!

We planned to use the day bed in the villa that we had booked, to read a book or two on the lazy afternoons, and throughout the slightly over a week’s holiday.

quack quack quack

We found ourselves chasing flocks of duck – yeah, it’s just me chasing the ducks, the husband just watched and chuckled – in another resort with traditional Balinese style bungalows that are built above a shallow pond.  Each bungalow overlooks the paddy fields, perfect for city people like me who had never seen anything like this.

the balinese bungalow

We had to cancel the previous booking and move to a more remote area away from the main touristy town – Jl Monkey Forest street – as it was simply impossible to sleep with a dutiful dog that howled hourly from 2am onwards, with each episode lasting 15-20 mins. On top of that, the music from traditional Balinese dance performance played from 8pm to past midnight.

So, in order to continue a somewhat slow holiday, less disruptive noises, we chose to move to a seemingly quiet and serene resort. We were surrounded by ducks, birds, one dog, one cat, fishes; when comes the night fall, the ‘work shift’ changes and the crickets, geckos, frogs and mosquitoes come out to play. Sleep was great, as the ‘natural’ sound is more rhythmic and can be conducive to sleep.

bath openly

And I took fragrant bath in a large stone bathtub in our partially exposed bathroom.

Things seem to be settling into a nice pace.. until we needed to move to another smaller bungalow as the air-con in this large bungalow broke down. Gas was pumped into the compressor, some parts changed, and even the whole compressor was switched out! The air-con remained broken. Trust me, it’s impossible to sleep or even stay in the bungalow without a functioning air-con as it can get too steamy hot in the afternoon.

nasi goreng

We tasted the local delicacies – which we have in Singapore too.

afternoon tea

We had complimentary afternoon tea – served in-villa everyday, but we only had 2, since we were out on some days.

colorful beads

We went to the local art market – Ubud Art Market – it’s a farmer’s market selling mostly fresh produces in the wee morning on the basement; and the other vendors set up their stalls by 8am to sell their crafty products and clothing.

gaya fushion - gelato

We traveled far distances to have a taste on the highly appraised gelato.

And, our originally planned uneventful trip turned out to be quite intensely interesting, after all. It is my first visit to Bali, and Indonesia, despite the unforeseen ‘hiccups’ that changed the course of our holiday plan, I enjoyed the trip very much. Balinese are very friendly and warm people, and I truly appreciate their warm hospitality.

Bali is amazingly quite clean. My only gripe is the thrash handling. The local people collect rubbish and dispose them by means of burning the giant pile of thrash. Within the pile, are all sorts of stuffs including materials consisting of rubber, plastic, drink cans, paper and all that you could and could not imagine. The smoke lets out from the burning is relatively toxic for that matter. My throat suffered – still is suffering – from the choking mosquitoes coil smoke, and I would not blame it on the kind people, it’s probably just my city-throat that is more sensitive to it since I live on considerably higher floor apartment and my good neighbors are very responsible people who check on the plant plate regularly, so mozzies problem is almost non-existent.

Whereas in Bali (and other resort islands in Thailand, such as Phuket, Krabi, and Phi Phi), mosquitoes are a common problem, and to counter that, mosquitoes coils and electric mosquitoes repellent are used consistently. The room can sometimes be filled with the smoke, hence causing problem for my throat.

That will not stop me from revisiting Bali. Till then!

On the work-side:

:: all orders placed after the cut-off time before my vacation have all been mailed out; order status has been updated accordingly

:: made-to-order orders are scheduled accordingly to the date of payment received.

:: update on the turnaround can be found on the ‘wall’ of our facebook page (the website update will be made soon, after some form or routine is resumed post-holiday) To-date, the earliest schedule to begin to work on your new MTO dolls is end of June.

Have a great weekend!


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