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the unlikely hero

Stereotyping has it that we assume the hero to be at least muscular, and preferably larger in build.  Oh well, what can I tell you? In the real world, the heroes that might save the world could just be the tiniest creatures and insignificant people whom we may conveniently slight on them on a daily basis.

This little suave ninja is the hero! The dotty devil and chubby ballie have their own roles to play, and they are equally irreplaceable. They do have one thing in common though, all are adorable and will be loved in wherever they are leaving to.

I use my personal time to work on these orders which are collected during my vacation. My personal time is limited too, and please understand and I would appreciate that you don’t request to slot in your ‘urgent’ orders into my personal time slot. I know most people aren’t great with accepting a rejecting reply, so please don’t ask, so that I don’t have to reject. I will always try to push the completion date forward, but there is a limit to everything, especially that time is not on my side at this point.

Meanwhile, please check the ‘orders schedule‘ for estimated turnaround time for your order. 😀


Product references:

+ roja amigurumi ninja

+ dotty amigurumi devil

+ chubby ballie amigurumi creature

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