love journey | wedding dolls

blossoming love | wedding dolls

They were high school friends. Love only finds its way into each other’s heart years after they left school. Friends didn’t know about the secretively blossoming love.

When the news was out, it left many dropped jaws on the floor and some light punishments to the couple for keeping it a secret.

blossoming love | wedding dolls

I have seen it happened many times before. We sometimes wonder why the many wrong turns before meeting the right one, perhaps the turns are not ‘mistakes’ but the much needed life lessons so that they are ‘molded’ ready just for each other. Perhaps there was slight scent of romantic chemistry between them back in the school days, but the time was not ripe yet.

It would be just perfect when love strikes them, and they do have a very unique story of their own to tell.

blossoming love | wedding dolls

The girl has a sweet and demure personality. She wears her bangs swept to one side, and set her hair to beautiful curls to fully illustrate her femininity.

This day, she is the most beautiful and happy woman.

blossoming love | wedding dolls

The boy always almost smile with a slightly crooked line. Almost an envy, he is able to achieve almost effortlessly of this natural ‘out-of-bed’ hairstyle; it is keeping the few stubborn strands of curious hair from poking out from the top of his hair that is more challenging.

The perfect match, on this perfect day specially chosen with a romantic meaning – the day love found them – will approach a loving journey with their hands held, hearts strung into one.

Love doesn’t make mistake, it takes a detour just so that it’s always perfect in the end.


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