shining new mr and mrs chan | wedding dolls

Allow me to present to you, the sparkling new Mr and Mrs Chan!! **kecheng kecheng**

mr and mrs chan

The wedding dolls are placed on the dressing table where the auspicious lamp of bliss – I actually don’t know what are they called, I am Singaporean Chinese, but not exactly versed in the traditions since I have done none of that for my own wedding, and I come from the more particular Teochew dialect group.

I know though, that in the olden days, the lamps are mostly kerosene lamp. Someone has to make sure that the lamp does not blow out for the entire day. It’s considered inauspicious if the flame goes out.

Lucky for the modern couple, we now have battery operated lamps! Now, know for sure, this couple is beginning a new journey of blissful marriage, packed with abundance of love, joy and happiness.

mr and mrs chan

For wedding, the room is best to be decorated mostly with reds – red bedsheet, red ‘double happiness’ stickers all over, red this, and red that, the redder the better!

Although I didn’t do most of them – even the one traditional task was messed up because the hoosbend forgot to bring the ‘gifts’ to my place on the day, hah! – but I believe that it can be fun and ‘assuring’ to have carried out all these customs. I would still not want to do them though.

Mike was part of the wedding entourage of ‘brothers’, and he got up early so that they would ‘charge’ to the bride’s home and attempt the ‘gatecrashing’ and help the groom claim the beautiful bride. There is also a meaningful purpose for this, but since we totally skipped this as well, I didn’t research much on it. 😛

This pair of dolls was ordered since last year, but I have been swamped since last October, and still have a large pack of ‘nearly completed’ item tucked away, along with baskets of ‘orders in process’, so it really takes much longer than usual to finish this.

This couple is one of nicest pair of people I have known; I am certain that the celebration will wrap up with a truck full of sincerest blessings from friends and relatives.

While Mike busies himself with the wedding – he is probably trying to save the groom from getting drunk as I punched on the keyboard – I have been crazy busy today, fixing a broken blog, yes, this very blog! I broke it by accident, and by ‘broke’, I mean completed shattered. I had to uninstall the application and rebuild it from scratch, the very manual way.

Have a great weekend, peeps!

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