‘nosey’ amigurumi

my name is 'nosey'

This little guy is named ‘Nosey’. Mainly, he is a ‘quick’ job made to illustrate the ‘nose’, hence the name.

my name is 'nosey'

On Nosey are the 9mm clear eyes, and 7mm oval black eye/nose. Our new 9mm clear eyes (now available in bulk of 100 pairs) come with plastic washer which fits perfectly to the diameter of the eyes, making smaller projects like Nosey ‘smoother’ on the curve of the face without the visible mark of the metal washer. (See our complimentary tutorial in overcoming that problem)

Currently, the loose packs in 20 pairs of clear eyes in 9mm are packed with metal washer.

The new eyes with the plastic washer frees up more space between the parts, which allows installation of a nose without the washers fighting for space, and stuffing is easier without resulting in awkward bends of washer.

gong xi fa cai - auspciously lunar new year dolls

The eyes used on this pair of Auspicious dolls are the same as the nose used on Nosey. Oval eyes are commonly used as nose too.

Oval shaped eyes create an impression of delightfulness as though the doll is glimmering with joy through the eyes – the impression is probably originated from Anime illustration whereby the characters usually have oval shaped sparkling eyes. Oval shaped eye is also used as animal nose, creating a cute button nose. I find it very suitable for bears.

Of course, apart from the oval shaped nose, we have triangle noses that are suitable for many animals.


Products references:

+ clear eyes in 9mm

+ oval eyes/noses in 7mm

+ Auspicious cai cai and xi xi


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