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Chinese wedding dolls

And you asked what have I been busy with?


This pair has been completed since the week before. This is probably the most requested design since 2007. What can I say, it does takes perfect timing for inspiration and complete confidence to swim in, and that is my basic policy in accepting custom requests.


Red is the most auspicious color for any Chinese events. In the western context, red color is considered a color of aggression; it might not be so different for the Chinese, it’s just an aggressor for super luck!


Whereas, yellow was a more controversial color, basing on the history of ancient Chinese history. Back in those days when China was ruled by one single person – The Emperor – fear was the most commonly weapon to command order in the nation. The Emperor was considered the Son of Heaven, and only the Emperor and permitted royal family were allowed to wear yellow. Yellow was the color of royalty, and anyone who was caught wearing a yellow robe would be killed in the name of treason!


Oh well, since that era is over, we are safe to use yellow anyway we like – just so you know, Singapore Chinese is quite detached from the monarchy ruling, even before the fall of the dynasty. Yellow is commonly treated as the color of fortune, since it represents gold.

Chinese wedding dolls

Wedding is a big event, almost like getting a scholar, so the groom wears a scholar hat on the wedding day. (Please read this information with a pinch of salt, I read it randomly somewhere)

Chinese wedding dolls

Back in those days, the girls didn’t have much say about their marriages. Girls were not supposed to be educated, extracting from the saying ‘It’s a virtue for a girl who is without talent and education’ – translated from the Chinese saying.


The girl’s marriage was determined by the parents or elderly at home. In most cases they were not allowed to meet the husband-to-be. Many of them won’t even know who they were marrying even on the day of wedding, since they would be wearing the red veil, and only the groom could lift the veil off when the wedding ceremony was over. The bride would be waiting by the bed with the veil still covering over her head.

Chinese wedding dolls

Chinese weddings are normally very elaborated. It’s a day when both sides of the families display their good fortune. Many traditions involve a great deal of money and jewelry.


Like the Korean wedding dolls, this pair is not available until I clear all my orders, and I hope that would be August or at least by this year.

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