korean wedding dolls | not yet available

korean wedding dolls

I was planning to post them – including other pairs of cultural wedding dolls – after the order is complete, however, my work schedule is now booked till August, so I figure that I would just blog them up first, to avoid the blog posts from jamming up when all other orders are completed.

This is one of the many pairs from the custom order that I have collected since early March this year.

I have not thought of the names for the couple yet, since I am not familiar with Korean names and my mind is still attuned to working on the new designs for the order, so I’ll leave that till later.

korean wedding dolls

The traditional colors for Korean wedding dress – so, I researched and read – are green on the top, and red on the bottom. The bride usually tucks one of the hands into the large sleeves. I tried that, but she looks less adorable and more awkward.

korean wedding dolls

My good friend, Cynthia – founder of cynthiapoh.com and beadygirl, showed me a photo of traditional Korean wedding bride, sticking 2 red rouges on the cheeks. I remember seeing that in the Korean drama series too, but I decide to exclude that. My design style is still leaning towards minimalistic style, yet achieving all the effects that I want to see on the dolls.

korean wedding dolls

The Korean groom wears really tall hat and I reckon it has a meaning, but I wouldn’t know. I have added the gold rim on the edging of the hat mainly to differentiate the hair from the hat. It could be done away with if making the hair in brown, or blonde.


The costume is very much like the ancient officials who wear a ‘ring’ belt on the waist.


This set is not yet available in the shop. They might be launched by August, but I really can’t commit a date at this point, since my hands are still tied with many pending orders. Pre-order for the dolls is not available too, as I have not determined the price. Right now, I have put on the Designer’s cap, so the costing work has to come later.


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2 comments for “korean wedding dolls | not yet available

  1. Minda
    March 20, 2013 at 3:52 AM

    I just want to know if this item was finalized, korean dolls, and how much are you selling it?
    Thank you.

    • March 20, 2013 at 11:27 AM

      Currently, we do not have finished products for this design, we do plan to make some traditional wedding dolls for sale in May though.

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