Christmas in July | DoDo Amigurumi Reindeer

dodo amigurumi reindeer

DoDo is one of the earlier designs I have done, and he has always been the Star of the month from October to December. We love the red-nosed creature, don’t we?

the red-nosed mascot

This red-nosed little cutie pie is reproduced with deluxe acrylic yarn. Since the previous color used to make the main body parts is discontinued, I chose a closest tone instead.

dodo amigurumi reindeer

I use the Saturday to work on DoDo, for a special project, that requires retaking photos of this red-nosed mascot. I completely forgotten about this when I was working on another order earlier today.

So, we do have Christmas in July after all! The first time I have heard of Christmas in July was when I started out on this business on Etsy, and back then, the Etsy community was much small but also friendlier. I was on the forum regularly, and enjoyed interacting with other fellow crafters. Ah.. it’s always nice to retrace the earlier footsteps, to keep our passion burning.

That happens to people who work too much, even on the supposedly resting days. 😛

I hope your weekend have been great!


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