traditional japanese wedding dolls | not yet available

japanese traditional wedding dolls

Traditional costume has a special and magical effect on a person. We tend to alter our behaviors and display mannerism that better fit the costume. When the girl puts on the traditional Japanese wedding costume, instantly, she becomes more demure and only speaks with a soft and sweet tone.

She is perfectly shy on this day, yet unable to hide the bliss in her eyes.

With such a delicate wife by his side, the groom instinctively displays his ability to protect the precious girl of his life.

japanese traditional wedding dolls

Pure and innocent as an angel, the Japanese girl is enjoying the perfect day.

japanese traditional wedding dolls

Today he is the King of his kingdom, he will do whatever it takes to protect his beautiful wife, and make sure that he provides and cares for this newly formed family.

This pair of wedding dolls is not yet available. Hopefully this will roll out by August.

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