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wedding dolls - tiffany

When I was preparing for my wedding a few years ago, one of the most frequently asked questions from vendors would be ‘What is the theme you are adopting for your wedding?’. I had less than 3 months to prepare for the wedding, and the crafting business was just set up which entailed much to follow-up, and very importantly, the euphoria high was focused on the ‘runaway plan’ right after the reception. I didn’t have a theme, oh well, perhaps there was a theme formed ‘subconsciously’ – quickie theme.

Considering that I did away with the full-fledged wedding festivities, my idea of fun wedding is to have guests:

1. arrive promptly for lunch reception – when the couple is still alert and joyful with high spirit since it’s just midday;

2. say hi and head towards the buffet spread – buffet means we serve at our specified timing; I am a control freak, and we did have a flight schedule to follow

3. catch up with other friends, or make new friends – while the couple scoot around and mingle with guests

4. leave as soon or as late as they wish – oh well, we really have a flight to catch, and it’s weekday lunch, guests don’t have to feel bad or obligated to stay if they need to leave to return to workstations.

wedding dolls - tiffany

A theme though, is a great idea. I would not do anything differently for my wedding, since I enjoyed it thoroughly. Themes tell a lot about the couple, mainly the bride. Remember, more than often, wedding is always almost about the bride. This is the day when a girl becomes a woman; the boy becomes a man when he becomes a father.

Most girls have dreams of their wedding day – I might have one before, usually very garden-ly, carefree, unrestricted, I have never dreamt of having a traditional Chinese or Singaporean style wedding though, too much work, I am a lazy person when it comes to a long haul wedding. It is like a customized fairy tale for the girl, we should respect that the dream might have gone way back, and she carries this dream all these years. That said, we should also exercise financial discretion just so that the fairy tale could carry on even after the wedding day.

This pair of wedding dolls is specially customized to fit the blue theme that the couple is adopting for their wedding.


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