handmade iPad sleeves

iPad sleeve in red

Available in store now, the customizable iPad sleeve.


1. color ways – up to maximum 3 colors

2. stripes / single color – not a fan to stripes, no problem, customize your sleeve in single color

3. stripes arrangement – add more, or take away stripes as you wish, i.e. 4 rows (main color) + 4 rows (alternate color) + 2 rows (main color) + 2 rows (alternate color 2) + 4 rows (main color). Or any arrangement and color you wish, just make sure the total rows total up to 16 rows.

(default 6 rows + 2 rows + 6 rows + 2 rows)

iPad sleeve in red

Keeping the design simple means easy access to your iPad. The sleeve closes with 2 synthetic leather strings looping over matching wood buttons.

iPad sleeve in red

Matching wood buttons to complete the look. (Buttons are not customizable, we will match a wood button to your iPad sleeve at our discretion)

iPad sleeve in red

Sleeves should be customizable to a certain extend, to display personality of the proud owners of the iPad. Personally, I would have at least 2 sleeves of quite different colors to suit different moods.

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ipad sleeves/cozies

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