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:: Little Treasures :: ::

For those of you who have followed my blog since the beginning, you would know that I have a ‘birthday tradition’, that is my husband plans a birthday holiday for me every year. This might change from this year until our new home is ready.

I loved my birthday vacations, each of them felt very special. Although I am quite a queen in the household already, on daily basis, but almost like your own wedding, birthday is personal, it’s the single day in the year that belongs to you.

Furthermore, this is the one day that we are allowed to ‘legally’ accept presents! Heh!

Although I may not be traveling for this year’s birthday, but I am getting many pretty presents, and I think they just made everything alright!

:: Little Treasures :: ::

A good friend, Belinda Lee, founder of indie jewelry label, BelleeBeadz, made me these lovely earrings. I don’t think it’s meant for my birthday, which is 2 month-ish away.

It’s a bizarre event turned hilarious when my husband dropped by her house to drop her a package. She was out of the house and instructed her helper to pass a small packet to my husband when he came. As it was supposed to be a surprise, I was not aware and naturally didn’t pass the information to my private postman. He refused to accept it!!!

Belinda, Mike, and I had very good long laugh for the day, in fact, days that followed.

I had thanked Belinda for the kind gesture and that I appreciate the thoughts. She had the little treasures posted out in the mail anyway.

The mail was delayed, but it’s better late than never. By late morning, the postwoman shouted, ‘postman!’. The husband greeted the postwoman at the door and accepted the package this time. (Now, it seems like all things do come in full circle!)

He came in to the room, sat down and continued with his work, as though the package wasn’t meant for me. I went to search the him, quite roughly, and found my treasure!

:: Little Treasures :: ::

In the pretty drawstring pouch is a beautiful printed tissue…

:: Little Treasures :: ::

And the little treasures are in there!

:: Little Treasures :: ::

I love how the gold color components complements the soft pink.

I am a very blessed person surrounded by many talented friends.

Belinda makes and sell many gorgeous jewelry on her Belleebeadz blogshop. Consider yourself warned, I am not liable for your overspending while you were there browsing!

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  1. July 27, 2011 at 1:15 PM

    You’re most welcome Lis! I have many stones to choose from but you and I share the same birthday month so the opal was a natural choice for me.

    You and Mike are a blessed couple. Both of you complement each other….Very impressive too that since you did not give him instructions with regards to accepting anything when he dropped off my package he point blank turned his back on Anis when she handed him the package. ;p

    Anyway, everything turned out well, a little late for the surprise a little early for the birthday!

    • July 28, 2011 at 7:20 PM

      Thank you!!! I love the frosted soft pink! hahaha, that would be a story we would continue to retell for a long time. 😛

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