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koko amigurumi mouse

I know how this year ‘flies’ by too quickly, but I only come to full realization last night because it’s been too hot and humid in Singapore for too long. See, we used to have a couple of months of insanely scorching hot weather, and then cooled down with a couple of months of rains and cool wind. The last time I checked, it was hot when we left for my birthday vacation last October, and it’s been screaming hot since.

Now that it’s September, we are left with the last quarter of the year, and the cooler months are not even remotely within reach.

Today is still hot and super humid as usual, while I struggle with the sticky air, and have to turn on the air-conditioner while working with yarns, this little mouse seems to be in quite a cheerful mood!

koko amigurumi mouse

Heat doesn’t seems to bother this little guy at all. Meh, I think he is just happy that he is embarking on a new adventure and leaving for his new home.

KoKo is one of my earlier designs, and he has always been well loved.

Product reference:

KoKo Amigurumi Mouse


If you are one of those who hate embroidering the nose, you may replace the nose with the pink heart-shaped nose that is of perfect size for small amigurumi.

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