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old couple growing old together by Serena

“Growing Old Together” is one of my favorite designs. The boat has a meaning to it because in the Chinese Proverb, it means braving the storm together in the boat – similar to going through thick and thin together.

It is a very romantic gesture. I would think this would make a perfect wedding gift. There is no better blessing – fine, there might be – than to wish for the couple to see through all life challenges together, and by their golden years, they would be recounting all the sweet memories.

I prefer to have the eyes embroidered, and not using the safety eyes, because it best illustrates the expression of contentment.

This pair of gleeful old couple is made by Serena from our pattern.

wedding dolls by Serena

Handmade wedding dolls make a perfect gift for friends and people you care deeply for. Even though it can be quite laborious and time-consuming to finish one pair, every stitch is made with sincerity and best wishes.

I have made thousands of dolls now – no kidding!! – yet every doll that I make, still holds the same symbolic meaning – sincerity. We cannot wish or expect more appreciate from the recipient of the dolls we make, we can only thrive to make every doll the best we could, because maybe that doll may mean a great deal for someone. It only takes one person who truly appreciates our work to make everything worthwhile.

Thank you very much, Serena, for sharing your joy with us!

Photos are courtesy of Serena.


P/S: You may email the photos of your finished work to us if you’d like us to showcase your work. Some of you who have shared images with me, but I can’t feature your work if you haven’t respond to my request for permission to use your photos. I respect copyright, and I will only use the photos with your consent.


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