Little Pink Amigurumi Ox in Red

Lil' pink amigurumi ox in red

Lil' pink amigurumi ox in red

Spent half of Sunday finishing this little ox which is a year overdue! It’s not an official order, so there is no immediate urgency.

Aside, this year seems to slip by faster than usual.

This little ox is made with the 9mm black eyes instead of the clear eyes because the recipient of this little guy is wearing this on her bag, and she is kind of ‘rough handling’.

Personally, I love the clear eyes for animals toy; but the downside is that when the eyes scratch, it can be more obvious. I have thought that I was clumsy, but to my surprise, my dolls which I made them with clear eyes and wear them on my bag look really good still. Of course, the fact that I am only out of the apartment once every few months could attribute to the minimal contact of the doll with anything else. 😛

This little ox is the ‘secret friend’ in the Chinese animal zodic sign for the owner, hopefully this brings her lots of luck like the one she owned before this.


Product reference:

+ Joycezie Amigurmi Ox

+ safety eyes


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