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Lovers in Mug by Serena

“Lovers in Mug” aka “Drink a Cuppa Love” is the rare Valentine’s Day design that I have created. It is rare because February is the month that I am usually traveling in celebration of my wedding anniversary.

The anniversary trip ‘tradition’ begins on my wedding day, when we ran away to the airport from the bustling crowd at our wedding reception, and took off to our honeymoon! Oh, do humor the dramatic me, would you? Fine, it was not that dramatic and exaggerated.

It was a planned itinerary. We booked for late afternoon flight. We left our wedding lunch reception when most of the guests had left, and our folks stayed behind to entertain the remaining guests who were mainly their friends and close relatives. The guests were not exactly surprised that we were leaving for our honeymoon straight from the reception, I had included the brief itinerary in the invitation card:


12:30pm       Solemnization at The Gallery
01:00pm      Wedding Reception Begins
03:30pm      The Newly Weds Leave for Airport

NSW 2103

Most people at the airport looked, while the 3 men in the background of this photo were completely uninterested in the weird couple, rushed by the photographer to pose for kissing snaps. Apparently, the 3 men were the key ‘ingredients’ to the composition of this photo. I have to agree though, it would be so uninteresting and ordinary to have the kissing photos without these 3 seemingly concerned men who might be considering a run-away plan too. They stared at the departure board for..ever!

So, when most people celebrate Valentine’s Day, we celebrate our wedding anniversary. With the year-end madness and travel plan, I could hardly find time to come up with Valentine’s Day design.

Serena replaced the heart-shaped button with a crochet heart motif, which I find it absolutely lovely! With the larger empty space across the mug, you might want to embroider date or names too. This should make a lovely gift for someone special, perhaps include some chocolates and sweets in the mug – but be sure that the sweets are properly wrapped.

Thank you for sharing, Serena. I sure hope to see more of your works!

Photo of the crocheted item is courtesy of Serena.


Product reference:

Lovers in Mug


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