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Mousey made by saplanet originals

Photography is very personal, I feel. We see the end result through the eyes of the photographer who captures the image, perhaps with a story tagged to it. Of course, not everyone is a story-person like I am, so I would like to think that each photo allows me an opportunity to build a story, maybe meaningful solely to me.

I love the angle of the little mousey toy that Cyndi has captured. This little guy seems to have a lot to tell. Now, that is a little unsettling for me. I hope he is not planning to spill any of my secrets – not that I have anything to hide, since I practically live a very publicly private life.

Mousey made by saplanet originals

From this angle, the little mousey seems to be saying, ‘Hey you, I am a little shy here, would you please stop staring? I will sing you a song if you like’.

Toys and dolls have magical effects, even on adults. Perhaps it’s the association to a carefree childhood. They seem to be able to bring out the child in us, even if that child has on a disappearing act for a long while now. It gives a moment of innocence that we had – and hopefully still have – as children, and ease the rough day.

Thank you, Cyndi, for sharing.

Photos courtesy of Cyndi.


Product reference:

+ KoKo Mousey/Rat

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