Gogi Amigurmi Goat

gogi amigurumi goat

Similar to the original color combo, but not identical. The earlier unit was made with the classic yarn, while the new unit is made with deluxe yarn. Some colors from the classic range are discontinued, such as the main color (face/limbs), is now replaced with BG078.

Personally, I prefer the deluxe series, because of a more consistent blend, in terms of colors and texture.

Taupe Gogi for Cyndi

Please be advised our order schedule is now filled through January, leaving very limited slots for December (regret that new orders collected now will NOT make it for Christmas if you are located outside Singapore) and less than a week for January slots.

#Note: the Order Schedule is updated everyday, I am negotiating a few new orders now, so the schedule may be filled again by end of the day.

While I busy through the tight schedule, I hope you are enjoying the days!


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Gogi Amigurumi Goat

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