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Knowledge of Love

Angel of Knowledge is the most inquisitive in learning amongst all other angels. She is keen to learn anything and everything, and she is most happy to share what she has learned.

She notices a loving couple blissfully soaked in the cup of love, and she asks if she could learn more about love. She listens attentively, while the couple recounts all the sweet memories that they share.

Lovers in Mug


I am geared into the ‘Production’ mode right, just to fill in orders, which is booked till Feb 2012. A few slots left for December.

While my Monday is retiring, I am sure for some of you, a new beginning of the week has just started. Have a great start to the week!

My Monday has been horrendously noisy due to the renovation works on the apartment unit directly above mine. I am just lucky that mum has a large pack of ear plugs, and that helps me through the day, and finish this order, ahead of schedule! What can I say, mum has anything, and everything, always!


Product references:

+ Angel of Knowledge

+ Lovers in Mug

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