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Elizabeth & Mark

“On this day, on their love boat, they embark on a new journey together, and begin a blissful and perhaps adventurous life chapter! When together, they complement each other, perfectly.”

Elizabeth is my paternal cousin. We are not as close as I wished for – I am not close with any cousin, or relative. I have this lonesome personality, so it’s hard for anyone to get close to.

When we were small, we met on Christmas and during Lunar New Year. We hardly spoke. It was always packed at my late grandma’s place, because of the large family size, including the extended family members. I have 6 uncles and 1 aunt. I adore Elizabeth’s family the most. The children in this family were (most likely still are) well behaved, and well mannered. They didn’t make deafening screams or yells; they didn’t dash around like most children. They were so disciplined as young children.

Some of you may already know this; I have a condition whereby I am highly sensitive to light and sound. Loud noises are nearly ‘painful’.

Elizabeth stands out in the crowd, always. (It is really hard to miss her, I look perfectly regular as an Asian woman by myself at 5 ft 3, I look like a dwarf when she stands beside me, you get my drift?)

This pair of dolls is specially made for Elizabeth and Mark, her husband-to-be. In researching for visual information to fit into some of the details for this ‘theme wedding dolls’, I discovered the James Bond’s quality in me!

Sail Boat – There is a very special affinity between the sailboat and the couple. They are both excellent in sailing, for recreational and professional purposes. They could be using ‘racing dinghies’ – cat rig, which is meant for one sailor only. See, I only need resemblance to the message that I wish to convey; I don’t need to make a realistic item. The boat base is heavy weighted to hold the couple steadily.

Elizabeth & Mark

When drafting the embroidered initials – this is when my training in arts lessons, specifically the calligraphy, comes into use – I wanted to be sure that the names sequence is correct. I did a little research on the name arrangement for wedding invitation and etiquette. It turns out that the bride’s name should always be the first in sequence.

The reasoning is perfectly logical and acceptable.

The male’s first and last names should never be separated, so his name should always be placed behind the female’s. This rule applies even if the couple chooses to use only their first names in the invitation or formal announcement etc.

We always have the man’s name first, as a form of male dominance and respect, as the man of the house. Oh well, what do we know, ladies first, always. 😛

Example: Lis & Mike Chaong

Whether I decide to adopt the husband’s last name, I am always known and addressed as Mrs Chaong anyway.

Hence, the “E & M” – Elizabeth and Mark. I chose Mauve tone because of the romantic gesture; I chose grey for the date, just to blend with the rest. Personally, nothing is as important as the couple, dates are just dates, the highlight will always be on the couple.

Elizabeth & Mark

They turn out perfect, at least by my standard.

Elizabeth & Mark

I dressed Mark in grey instead of the usual black. His hair is golden brown when under the light. Black can be too harsh against the hair and skin tone. He keeps his hair trimmed, so I decide to do away with any parting.

I have not met Mark. I don’t know Mark, to be correct. However, I know for sure that he is a talented man with natural leadership.

Elizabeth & Mark

The penguin tail tuxedo.

Elizabeth & Mark

I love how the bob hairstyle turns out.

Elizabeth & Mark

Many times, the bride-to-be keeps a longer hair length for easy styling for the big day. I had kept my hair long too, only because I was beginning to spend more time working from home, and long hair requires less frequent visits to my hair stylist. 😛

Like a spy, I snooped around Elizabeth’s facebook albums to check on her latest photos. I noticed that she is keeping her hair longer than usual. She has always been a shorthaired beauty. I decide to go with short hair anyway, the way I have always knew her to be.

Elizabeth is among the most confident women I have known. She is all feminine without the help of longer hair; of course, her love for sailing could be one of reasons that she kept short hair too. The impression she gives me is anything but conventional. See, discipline and good manners don’t necessarily mean constricted or conventional. She is a free-spirited modern woman who is fearless of the challenges ahead. Almost always stoical.

I gave the bride a veil-alternative – large flower with skinny headband, illustrating modern confident woman.

I am not great with social events, so I won’t be attending the wedding ceremony or banquet. Besides, my order schedule is packed till next year! My blessing for the couple is equally sincere, if not more, in spite of my absence.


P/S: Please note I won’t be accepting theme wedding dolls orders or special custom orders until all current orders are cleared. If you wish to order sometime different from my existing designs, you may contact me via the web contact page, but your order will only begin in March 2012.

In addition, please take note of the longer waiting time before ordering. Say, if you order now, the order will not be made immediately, but scheduled into the next available slot that could accommodate to your order size.

For example, the large pair of doll requires 7-9 working days to complete (due to shorter crafting hours), if the next slot has only 3 days in a row, your order will take up this 3 days, and other available days from another month etc. This leads to longer production time.

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2 comments for “Elizabeth & Mark | Theme Wedding Dolls

  1. October 3, 2011 at 12:16 AM

    Wow you are REALLY talented! I love the way you put the details (esp the bouquet of flowers) into these wedding dolls. Will you be coming up with a pattern for this set of wedding dolls?

    • October 5, 2011 at 10:50 AM

      Thank you for the kind words.

      “Theme Wedding Dolls” are currently not available in patterns. My order schedule is packed till first quarter of 2012, but this is in the next year’s ‘to-do’ list. 🙂

      Meanwhile, if you are interested, you may purchase pattern of “Jake & Fiona”, which “Elizabeth & Mark” is adapted from.

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