Mundi Market Singapore | Possibly the Most Exciting Event!

Globalization brings about opportunities from one end of the globe to another, like never before!

Singaporeans travel (a lot!) for leisure, studies, and business. We have been to so many places, and I have heard this so TOO many times, ‘I wish we have a market like those we see in xxx, and xxx, and xxx’. What do you know, we might just have wished enough, and we are going to have the Possibly Most Exciting Market in Singapore!

Singapore is a tropical island. What can be more perfect than to have the venue held by the Beach! You heard me right, BY THE BEACH!

Whenever we travel, my husband always look out for local markets, and alter our itinerary if necessary, so that I could visit the markets. I love markets. The ‘shopping’ experience is more personal; especially the crafts stalls, each vendor have so much pride in the products that they make and sell. It is like a mini carnival!

Imagine this, it’s just perfect! Bring everyone, and every pet you have, walk, eat, shop, browse, walk some more, eat some more, mingle even more, play all you want, and of course post all the photos on the social network. That is some Sunday, don’t you think?

Don’t like the beach, what do you know, bring your date, walk in the park!

If my work schedule hasn’t been this crazy, I would take up the offer and showcase my products at the launch.


Now, you will want to MARK YOUR CALENDAR with the following details:

Event Date: 30 October 2011, Sunday
Event Time: 3pm – 10.30pm
Lights Up: 7pm
Location: Pasir Ris Park. 159 Jalan Loyang Besar Singapore 509404. Aloha Lawn
(next to Aloha Loyang Resort & SCDF Chalet, Carpark A)


Interested vendors:

$55 for per 1.8m display table
$33 for per share-a-table, 0.9m display space
All Vendors are entitled to free flow iced-water and discounts at Mundi Market’s F&B extension, M-bar.


More information, please visit Mundi Market’s official website:

Mundi Market Official Website @
+ Rental Rates
+ Join Our Team! Looking for ‘Green Ambassadors’!


P/S: This is not a commissioned advert post. I simply support this group of ‘youngbloods’ who is putting such a great effort to bring vibrancy to this little dot that we call ‘home’.

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