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DoDo Reindeer on DaWanda Lovebook Winter 2011/12

Arrived in the mail is the DaWanda Lovebook Winter 2011/2012 catalogue.


DoDo Reindeer on DaWanda Lovebook Winter 2011/12

I was contacted some time ago – which I am unable to recall when, since I have long lost track of time – by DaWanda team. It was an invitation to feature DoDo, the Reindeer (Amigurumi Pattern) in their Lovebook Winter 2011/12 collection.

I was slightly hesitant, because at that time, my order scheduled has been packed air-tight, and the old photos of DoDo are cropped to smaller sizes. Apart from submitting high-resolution images, featured sellers are to commit to make the featured product available for the next three months as of release of the catalogue.

I am relieved that they are featuring the pattern, and not the actual toy.

It’s quite a privilege to be selected among so many talented artisans. I used one of the weekends to whip up DoDo (as you may already know that I don’t have many ready-stocks for the dolls) and submitted the photos.

Now, it really feels real that Christmas is approaching!

DoDo, the reindeer will make a wonderful Christmas stocking stuffer. This is the perfect time to start the project, especially that you are planning to make more than a few. DoDo would be perfect as an ornament on the Christmas tree too.

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