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I crochet in the day; I crochet in the night; I crochet, always.

What do you to unwind from overwhelming work? I bet you do something very different from what you do in the day (or night, if you work the graveyard shift). I derive gratification from the process of crocheting. It has been, and hopefully always will be, an outlet for me to combat work stress.

The odd thing, of course, is the fact that the primary activity involved in my work, is crochet itself.

I am glad, in a way, that in spite of that, it doesn’t kill my love for crochet. So, I am supposed to be on birthday leave. I have worked too hard, for too long, so I really need a good break. Oh well, what do I do? Crochet more!

The crazy things I do to unwind from daily crocheting - more crochet! What did I tell you? I am not regular!

There are easily nearly 50 of the star-shaped scrubbies in this stack! (more in the basket!!!)

I make an efficient production worker!

Most are wrapped in white tissue paper, and ready for gifting!

Simple Arts Planet (SAPLANET) is established since 2006. I always drop a small something in the package, or tie a handmade flower or ribbon over the contents.

This gifting tradition is really passed on from Cynthia, of She is one of the most helpful, and generous people I have known. She had shared with me that she would throw a little something in the package.

When I ordered something online, and received a handwritten note, or a nicely wrapped package, I feel appreciated as a customer. I do not discount the integrity of the seller if he/she doesn’t drop a little gift though. I am just saying that it’s a really sweet gesture and bonus when they do.

My husband, who helps with the shopping – even for grocery, stationery, anything and everything that I am unable to buy online – used to comment that I spent too much on packaging stuffs. He is right to be concerned. I have a bulk rim of Kraft paper, a huge stack of white tissue, 4 bulk rolls of brown paper, one giant roll of bubble wrap, boxes of handmade brown paper envelopes, boxes of printed and blank notes to write on, stacks of printed note card and cards. A bunch of others that I can’t remember now.

I managed to convince him that it’s one of the key things that I derive pleasure from.

I’d like to imagine that each nicely package item is a way of saying ‘thank you’, in the sincerest way. Work is just work, if we fail to enjoy the process and outcome. I love what I do, and I intend to keep it that way.

As the year-end festive seasons approach, I am sure there are so much to do at work, and home. I hope you are managing your time well and remember to take small breaks to enjoy the day.

Have a great week ahead!

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