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Re Ninjas

If you haven’t heard about our ‘re:series’ before. Here is a brief intro…

Re:series is originally developed two years ago, when my mum retired from her job. She was overworked forever, and the quite abrupt retirement was causing some anxiety to her. To ease the transition from being overworked to retirement, I came up with this series, which involves working with the sewing machine that she owns. What do I know, she found internet, neopets, and farmville on facebook! Boredom never quite occurs. If anything, she works harder now on the computer than she ever was at a real job!

So, this series is hence tucked away behind locked cabinet. I love this series, truly. I just don’t have more time to work this series to its potential.

Are they making a come back? I don’t know, it might be seasonal.

Re Ninjas

The husband tells a story about these ninja, oh well, he started the intro, and I spiced it up, as usual!

According to legend, only the ninja elites who have mastered the ultimate skill of camouflage are able to transform themselves into the once very popular childhood traditional game in Asia – Five Stones!

Each of them has crafted a special ability.

Re Ninjas

To name a few, the orange re:ninjasunny posses a special power to blast bright light to blind the enemies, in just a blink of her eye.

The blue re:ninjaocean posses a special power to flood anywhere with a millisecond of thought. You’d better be a great swimmer if you try to mess with this mega little one.

These are not yet in store. Depending on my weekend schedule, which are also used for work, I might just be able to make more of these before Christmas. If this happens, they will only be available in finished products.

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