Re:Ninjas | Reminisce Series | Key Chains and Zipper Charms

re:ninajs graduation photoshoot

“Reminisce Series” aka Re:Series, is inspired by the traditional games commonly played by children in our region. Remembering days when there was no internet, recounting good old memories when the toys ‘Five Stones’ were handmade by our mothers.

Wear the Re:Ninja as key chain, or zipper charm; or string it and hang on Christmas tree.

“Five Stones” Specials
Buy 4 get 1 FREE. Select 5 units of Re:Ninja and pay for only 4 units – discount is in the form of a refund via PayPal/bank transfer upon successful checkout with payment.

re:ninajs graduation photoshoot

So, the legend has it that in the world of Ninjas, the most honorable class of training is known to be Re:Ninja training. Only very special ninjas are selected to undergo grueling training.

This batch of ninjas have successfully survived and completed the training. Today, they graduate with first class honors! Of course, there is a class photo!

re:ninajs graduation photoshoot

See, although the training includes strict discipline, there is always one showy classmate. This little green re:ninja with cute doe-eyes turned and look this way when his sharpened senses picked up that a paparazzi hid around the corner.

re:ninajs graduation photo shoot

What’s with this spot? Once little greenie moved along, little blackie turned to stare. C’mon, I am just trying to take a candid shot! I am harmless, I promise! Scout Ninja Promise!

These Re:Ninjas are now available on our eShop; offered under ‘Ready-Made; Ready-to-ship‘ category.



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