Mixes of Safety Craft Eyes and Noses | Sampler Pack

Sampler - mixes of eyes and noses

This sampler pack consists of 5 pieces/pairs of each type; total of 7 types, 60 pieces.

Heart-shaped noses in pink / 7mm x 5 pieces
Triangle noses in black / 7mm x 5 pieces
Oval noses/eyes in black / 7mm x 5 pairs
Clear eyes / 9mm x 5 pairs
Brown eyes / 9 mm x 5 pairs
Cat eyes in green / 10mm x 5 pairs
Cat eyes in green / 12mm x 5 pairs

These eyes and noses are of perfect sizes for small to medium Amigurumi toys. The oval eyes are suitable to be used as noses too.

The sampler pack is now available on saplanet originals’ eShop and our Etsy patterns & supplies shop.

:: Also available in individual sizes/types :: Loose packs :: Bulk discounted packs ::

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