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Esther & Calvin Wedding Dolls - Grand Banquet

‘Elena & Casper’ is designed and made for my other paternal cousin, Calvin, and his wife, Esther.

I am probably the estranged family member in the large family circle. I am just not great with big crowd, and I have giant-sized family from both the paternal and maternal side. No bad blood really, I just don’t like to socialized in such large context.

So, I really remembered Calvin as a boy, but I vaguely remember seeing his photo somewhere, in recent years. He keeps the everlasting Beckham’s ‘rooster’ hairstyle. It’s probably one of the most popular hairstyles among men now. I have to admit that it does add some characters to whole image.

Remember my other lovely cousin, Elizabeth? They had a cozy and comfortable sized wedding celebration since the husband’s family, relatives and friends are in Australia. The theme was as vibrant and energetic as the couple – they are both excellent sailors for sports.

Calvin’s wedding was more of a classic grandness. From what I’d heard, the dinner banquet was a 500-guests event! 500 guests! I supposed it would be formal. Since I know very little about Calvin’s present lifestyle and the love story of how the couple met, I am unable to conjecture a theme, like what I did for Elizabeth.

Based on the idea of star-studded magnificent ambience, I designed the couple to be in formal evening attire.

Esther & Calvin Wedding Dolls - Grand Banquet

Elena wears a heart-shaped bustier evening gown, with formal evening gloves. Maroon is a color of royal grandness with a feminine sensation. If not for her luscious curls, you will be able to see her slender back revealing from the low back gown. Her hair is beautifully styled to create a slight volume. With a princess smile and elegant charisma, she shines, even in the soft light of the huge ballroom.

This design is perfectly suitable to be made into day wedding style. Just change the color of the gown, and add a veil.

Esther & Calvin Wedding Dolls - Grand Banquet

Casper, the charismatic guy who is well-traveled since a boy. He wears the tuxedo vest under the tuxedo suit, and puts on a tie that matches the color of Elena’s evening gown. Like andy good husband and gentle, he stands by his new bride chivalrously. Match in heaven, don’t you think?


The couple is taller than most of our other designs, due to the heightened hairstyles.

‘Elena & Casper’ is now available in our eShop. Please take note that the turnaround time for MTO products is longer than usual – refer to the order schedule for next available slot, the last time I checked, the next available slot is early March 2011.


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