Deluxe Acrylic Yarns | OOS Status

Heads up! Heads up!!

Most colors are running low stock, and a few will be Out Of Stock (OOS) soon. New shipment is expected to reach us by mid-week, but some colors are completely OOS, and the next container will only arrive in February (after Lunar New Year which falls on 23 January – Lunar New Year is well celebrated in most Asian countries, and in Singapore, day 1 and 2 are official Public Holidays, but some companies do not resume business until a week later).

The chart now shows number tags on the color swatch – only for yarns that has low quantity inventory or soon to be OOS, as informed by the manufacturer.

We try to update the chart as promptly we could manage. If you are planning for Christmas projects, or Valentine’s Day projects, please plan ahead. Please also see our vacation notice for no-shipping duration.

In the event that the colors that you ordered are out of stock, we will contact you to ask for replacement colors to pack into your order. There is no need to contact us to check on your order status; if you don’t receive email from us, your order is in process and the status will be updated in the cart/via email when shipped.

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