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Love Story Series - WIP

‘Love Story’ is possibly the project that has taken the longest to take form.

I tell stories, always. When I was a small child, I came home after a movie and retold the story in the most animated way possible, and I hardly missed details. We didn’t like the stories told by my older sister. She either skipped the chapters, or had the story told in a jumbled manner, say, ‘she went out, oh wait, before that, the guy came in, oh before the guy came in, the mom went out’. It was a little challenging to try to keep the movie in the mind to flow in sequence when the story-teller told the story in this fashion.

Everyone has a story to tell, regardless of wealth, education, races, eras.

We have made great success with our original wedding dolls since 2007. Our wedding favors (magnets) tell stories about the couple too. What sets us apart from others who followed our work is that we try to tell the stories, not mimicking a picture perfect from the wedding photo.

See, I enjoy designing and making wedding dolls. Like all my other work, they are joy manifesting items. Wedding dolls are perfect as gifts and wedding decorations.

If I were to redo my wedding, I would use ‘Love Story’ at the reception. Many of us have montages and wedding albums at the reception; even if we don’t, guests do get to see the couple in their wedding attires on the wedding day. Not every guest knows our love story, they may not even know us, but my helpers at the reception can now tell a story through our ‘Love Story’ dolls. Oh well, my helper was my niece and she was the favor police and class monitor who took attendance; one favor for one guest, no more, no less. I believe she ‘coerced’ guests to sign the guest book too! She even called the ‘red alert’ and forbade the guests from entering because they brought an additional unaccounted guest to the party. You can’t get better helper like her, she was so dedicated, I loved it!

The only reason why I could stay in this business which requires me to work longer hours is to continue creating and surpass my personal limitations. When it comes to personal growth, I have a theory. I believe personal growth is limitless, we stop growing when we stop wanting to learn and improve. When we become complacent, we stop learning.

Love Story Series - WIP

Let me begin by telling you a story about this couple, a fun and bizarre love story that loses track of when it all really begins, but on one fateful day…

The boy calls the girl to join him for a hospital visitation

They met at the bus-interchange

The girl enjoys the bus ride and talks non-stop while the boy exercises multi-tasking super power of pretending to listen, while looking out of the window to be sure they alight at the right bus-stop

Quite abruptly, the boy stands up and press the bell to alight

The pair stands at the bus-stop when it starts to rain

The girl looks around but finds no hospital around

Offering no apology, the boy explains rather nonchalantly, ‘we took the wrong bus, so we need to take another bus now’

‘… ok…, just so you know, I trusted you (hopefully still)… so, we will make it there, right?’, says the girl

Like the cliché scene in old movies, it’s raining cats and dogs, with gusts of wind blowing the rain into the bus-stop

Like the cliché scene in movies, the boy chivalrously shields the girl from the rain by standing in front of her

Who knows, a love story is about to begin, only that… Perhaps, it all sprouts back to the time when they were much younger (that’s why they are portrayed in child-form) when the girl grabbed the boy’s hand in order to ‘smuggle’ him into the upscale disco. Nothing romantic happened, but it will always be an additional chapter in their love story book. When love begins for them, he is her financial services consultant, she is furthering her studies in counseling (hence, the tie and the school bag).

There will be no love story to tell, if the boy’s car hadn’t totaled in an accident just months before; if the boy hadn’t invited the girl to take a bus together for a hospital visitation; if they hadn’t taken the wrong bus and ended up at the bus-stop with a stormy rainfall. The bus that will take them to where they meant to go is bus number 51.

(The first image is the revised version)

This concept will be realized soon.


Typically and probably ideally…

Wedding, is a beautiful result of love; marriage, parenthood and family are results of the wedding. All these chapters and stages in our lives route to when love begins…

Life journey is sometimes challenging; some days are good, some days are better, some are not as great. Any day, is a good day to revisit the day when it all begins, and remembering the good loving sensation. In love, we find strength to overcome day-to-day challenges, for we know someone special is by our side, always.


“Love Story” is not available at this point. When it is, it is likely to subject to prior acceptance. In fact, some of your may have the privilege in learning about this project before it is even made public. Although my work schedule is packed till March 2012, I have very small window of personal time that I was willing to give up for projects that appeal to me, or that I take special interest in. This window is now completely closed, as it is booked for special project.



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