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Love Story | The Boy, The Girl, and the Kitty Cat

“You are just you; I am just I; until we add some stories to make it uniquely you, and I, or us” – saplanet originals

‘Love Story’ is likely to be my most treasured series. At least until now.

The first pair to mark the beginning of this series is to be known as ‘Bus-stop Lovers’ or something around that. The kitty cat is a surprise find!

The lovers are designed with no mouth. A single mood cannot tell fully of a love story; a single expression cannot fully express the process of falling in love.

Love Story | The Kitty Cat

This sweet kitty cat is about 4cm (1.5″) tall. The girl loves the kitty cat at first sight, and I am guessing the feeling is mutual, since little kitty is happy to be bagged and brought home.

Love Story | The Kitty Cat

Oh well, you now know that the kitty cat is quite a star herself.

Love Story | Bus-stop Lovers

This is not just another story of boy loves girl; girl loves boy; it is a story told by a real person – perhaps with a slight dash of dramatic expression and exaggeration – of a story that will be retold through many years and generations.

Love Story | Bus-stop Lovers

The ‘Love Story’ dolls are best displayed with the wedding photo; it shows a graduation from falling in love to getting married; if you have our ‘Growing Old Together‘ aka ‘old couple in love boat’ dolls, you can tell a complete story, of how it begins, living the love, tying the knot, and a foresight of the future – growing old together. What more can we ask?

The ‘Love Story’ series is projected to launch in December 2011 or January 2012, it really depends on how much I could squeeze out of my sardine packed schedule – which is not much left.

Pattern – Consists of the couple; and perhaps the kitty cat (not decided yet)

Finished products – The entire set – bus-stop pole/sign; base; the boy, the girl, and the kitty cat. Colors customization is possible, minor changes are allowed such as the bus number, and adding smiles etc. Any other changes are subject to prior acceptance.

More designs are underway. If you are interested in customizing your love story, contact us, but be advised that the turnaround time is 3-6 months due to current high volume of orders; also be advised that it is subject to prior acceptance at our discretion.

Often times, the designer knows best of the limitations and constraints – be it due to the size or crocheting limits – and we reserve the rights to present our designs that align most proportionally in aesthetic sense. The buyers tell the story, the designer will construct and present the design.

Although we are busying our days away with your orders, but we wish to take this opportunity to express our gratitude to you who make it possible for us to stay in this business. We wish you abundance of love and joy in your lives, everyday.


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