Love Story | Bus-stop Lovers

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Love Story | Bus-stop Lovers

Boy: Hey, our bus is here, come, let me take your hand so that you won’t trip and fall. (or taken by someone else)
Girl: This is the right bus right? Oh look! There is a cute little kitty cat! The cat sure likes you, maybe I’ll just pocket it in my school bag and bring home!
Kitty Cat: Take me home, take me home!!

Wedding is just one important and interesting day, while the catalyst to a love story is what in the other person that stands out from the crowd.

There is no boring love story. Every story is unique and special. It’s not the exact day when the relationship begins; but the day your eyes shine for the person. The day when you pay extra attention to that someone, that is when the story begins. Most of the time, we don’t trust our feelings enough to know that tiny little flame has long sparked.

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