Light Up Your Ears with CrysallisCreations

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Express service or what!! My customized pair of earrings is ready; I am guessing that if you put it against light/sunlight, you will see a different angle! I am so loving this pair already. I have all the gold ingots and spices in my ‘cage’, this would go so well with my wardrobe of natural tones and yellows.

Crysallis Creations

I am way too busy right now, but these are so pretty, I can’t help but ‘investing’ on them!

Are you getting ready for Christmas yet? These are definitely head-turners!

I am ordering a customized pair with my favorite mixes of colors in the ‘cage’. They look like light-bulbs, yet so delicate.

Don’t you agree that this will look perfect as pendant too? Debbie, the brilliant designer behind the idie label Crysallis Creations, is very friendly and talented, just ask, she may just make your dreams come true – not the wildest ones, perhaps.

Hop over to Crysallis Creations shop on Etsy now, and shop away!

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