3-Days Super Sale | 48% Discount on Selected Items

Newsletter | 3-Days Only Super Sale


Many friends, relatives, including immediate family members, have a less than accurate idea of what does it mean to be working from home. It really means ‘I am a juggler’.

With the air-tight work schedule, along with travel planning (which I have not booked room for); usual year-end frenzy crazy pace; I also need to work closely on the housework schedule, and other matters from the personal life – if I had one, to begin with.

So, today is the laundry day, and I had to do the laundry in 2 separate loads because of the dark-colored jeans. While waiting for the first load to complete in wash cycle, I did a quick newsletter to run a sale on the eShop.

This mini Super Sale takes 48% discount off selected Ready-to-ship items.

The Singapore buyers would be able to receive the orders before Christmas, since delivery is usually 3-5 working days (including the packing and all); International buyers might not receive the orders before Christmas assuming that the shipping transit time is longer – which is completely out of our control, it’s the air carrier packed schedule for Christmas and year end holidays.

Special Note:

1. Most of the items has only 1 unit/piece in stock

2. Promotion ends 05 December 2011 (evening, Singapore time)

3. Not eligible for further discount (including birthday coupons or club membership)

4. Not eligible for other promotion (re:ninja ‘buy 4 get 1 free’ promotion etc)

5. Earn points as usual!

6. Domestic free shipping applies as usual (for orders above S$80)

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