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the Light Bulk moment!

So, I recommended the ‘Light Bulb’ earrings in earlier post, and the earrings arrived last night!

I couldn’t see the colors well under the fluorescent light, so I took them out this morning and look under the natural light, they are too gorgeous! I had my hair tied-up, getting ready for a busy day; but I let it down to take this photo, since I don’t have a beautiful background, and I want to take a photo of a realistic impression of what it looks like to be worn.

Unfortunately, this is not the best shot I could do, but it’s very eye-challenging (more so now, since I am suffering from dry eyes syndrome for weeks now, so the burning sensation in the eyes and tearing up at each blink didn’t help too) to aim the focus from the reflection of the small mirror I have.

Still, this is clear enough of the little ‘treasures’ I have in my cage. I guess I can now tell the world that I AM RICH! Rich in creativity and ideas, at least I would love to think so.

See the mixes of my favorite colors in the ‘cage’? I requested for mixes of red, orange or yellow, and perhaps clear quartz too. Under the natural light, you see them all; under fluorescent light, you see a more mysterious toned down shades. ‘Heads-turner’ is an understatement.

Did I mention that the clever Debbie of Crysallis Creations accepts customization? She has hoards of too may gems of all kinds, just ask, she will find something perfect for you.


P/S: Please note the vacation period from 19 January to 03 February 2012. Kindly take note of the no-shipping and cut-off time for last batch of shipping time for various products. I will not be accessing the business account during this period, therefore all emails/orders will only be responded after the vacation. All shops on other venues, apart from our main eShop, will be closed during the vacation period. Please plan ahead to order the patterns and supplies if you wish to have the orders shipped/emailed before the vacation.


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