The Amigurumi Animals Town Meeting | The Mouse, The Ox, and The Tiger

Cabinet Meeting

So, today is the Amigurumi Animals Town Meeting.

Looking at this, I think it’s safe to say that whoever has horns on the head calls the shot!

Who's the Boss?

The truth is, they have this rule that everyone gets to be the boss every month. Oh well, I think it’s just fair that way, don’t you agree? This month, the little Tikki Tiger is the boss.

The first order he gave was, ‘Hey you, yes, you, ship us out already!’.

Yes boss! By this time, you should be nicely packed and transiting to the new home. (Just what do you think I have worked my PERSONAL weekend time for? Just so you could give an order to me! Pfft!) You know the drill, every employee gets to complain about the boss at some point. My boss, you ask? Really, I think my imagination precedes reality, the little critters are my bosses, and I make sure I served made them well.

I am on schedule with your order, when possible, I take the extra mile to squeeze every bit of my personal time to expedite your order, but please don’t put in request for that, I barely have time for anything right now.

Red Bull?

Isn’t this sweetest thing! Little red bull with auspicious color! You can’t miss him from meters away! Traffic stopper, indeed!

Flash Driver Cozy

This is a customized flash driver cozy measuring 8cm x 3cm x 2cm. With flash drive shrinking in size, you could even fit 2 mini flash drives into this.


I hope you are enjoy the process of preparing for the year-end festive holidays, whether you celebrate the occasion or not, it’s still a public holiday to be excited about!

As for me, my vacation from 19 January 2012 is well-arranged with lodging confirmation, online flight early check-in (it’s a new feature, and the airline prompted me try, so I did!). Just note that there is NO SHIPPING for ALL PRODUCTS including patterns during this vacation. It’s been a really long year of non-stop working, I need a real vacation. 😉


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