Lunar New Year Savers | 12 Zodiac Animals + Auspicious Couple

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Pattern Savers Pack #4

Call me crazy, but between everything else, I managed to list up the 4 PATTERNS SAVERS for Lunar New Year.

In addition, for those of you who do not know your Chinese Zodiac Animal Signs, swing over to ‘12 Zodiac Animals‘ page to locate your own animal sign with your birth year (take note of the special remark that I made at the bottom of the page for special condition when your birth date is before 04 Feb of the year).


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It’s straight forward, there are 4 saver packs; the bigger packs are tagged with 50% savings; the smaller packs are tagged with 35% savings.

No exchange of patterns/designs; limited time offer (we are going on vacation soon, so all transactions stop before 19 Jan); no reward points awarded for these packs.

You may however, use your reward points to redeem against the invoice total! 😉


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