Love and Health Guard Ninja

Jaja Ninja Health Guard - Amigurumi

“Heart shaped” item denotes a range of meaning, but mainly, it’s a desire – for health, or for love.

Don’t we all wish that there is a highly skilled Ninja who swears his life to guard over our health? Or to have a cute Ninja helps convey a loving message across to that special someone?

The “Love & Health Guard Ninja” does all that and beyond. Only the cream of the crop in the Ninja community is selected for this mission. They are highly trained to make sure of no mistake and no failure.

You may opt for a single alphabet embroidery on the pillow, at no extra charge.

Jaja Ninjas - Amigurumi

He may look innocent and gentle, with his alert wide eyes, don’t let that fool you, he is trained to keep his eyes opened at all times, and he blinks in millisecond, so quickly, it’s not visible to our naked eyes.

He has a best friend, JaJa, the super cautious spy Ninja. When JaJa is off mission, he visits the Guard Ninja. When they join forces, they are the most formidable combination ever!

Jaja Ninja Health Guard - Amigurumi

The Guard Ninja sits at 15cm tall; and stands at 20 cm tall. He prefers sitting, just saying.

Jaja Ninja - Amigurumi

It is obvious that JaJa is the hyper active one between the two. That is why he can never be the Guard Ninja, he can’t sit still!

The Guard Ninja is now available on our eShop, but please note that our turnaround is about 3-4 months, please check our order schedule before ordering.



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