Auspicious Amigurumi Tortoise | Do, Re, Me

Tortoises Acrobats?

Yes, they are no ordinary tortoises. They are super auspicious tortoises – yellow (color of royalty in ancient China) + red (color of auspicious since forever).

Of course, these days, anything and everything is so competitive, being auspicious alone is not going to win hearts over. They are also super talented! See, they are highly skilled acrobats! In addition, they also take part in Magic performances. Really, can you tell them apart?

Amigurumi Tortoises - Do..Re..Me..

They are named Do, Re, Me.

Problem – Who do you think is Do, Re, and Me? These triplets confuse the audiences with their identical appearances!

Product references:

+ TorGri Amigurumi Tortoises



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