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Bridal team - ready to get into action

Xiuling is one of the most incredible brides I have met. With such a grand size of wedding team, I am guessing that it must be quite a grand event.

Time and energy is extremely precious to a bride-to-be, yet, the very thoughtful Xiuling doesn’t mind it all. It is no easy feat to communicate the details of the little dolls for the carefully selected bridesmaids and groomsmen.

This order is placed more than 6 months ago, during this period, we must have communicated so much that we may print a book and title it ‘How to customize little dolls for the wedding party’. No doubt, I have been terribly busy, but it is nothing compared to the bride.

The original order has gone through multiple changes, and each change means eating into more of the bride’s time. She is probably the nicest, most patient and ‘apologetic’ bride! Some changes are beyond her control, and each time, she apologized numerous time.

I hope the wedding party would appreciate the effort that the bride has put in for them. Not only that she wishes for an enjoyable event that her husband-to-be and her would share precious memories of, she wishes for the same for the wedding team. A gesture to say, ‘Thank you for being part of my life event’.

To participate in someone’s life event is an honor and privilege.

Personalized fridge magnet and bottle opener

A small token of appreciate for the couple. The illustration is based on the large Chinese wedding dolls, customized for the couple.

Closeup - Touching up

Each doll is personalized to resemble the person. Every bridesmaid is unique and special to the bride. These ‘sisters’ will be there for her on the day she transits from Missy to Mrs. The many times and days that they have enjoyed one another’s company as single ladies, each person helps make this day special.

This doll shall serve as a reminder that even after the bride is married, the friendship will never change. The friendship that is made up of countless of fond memories.

Closeup - personalized tag

These little ones are made into brooch pins, to be worn on the wedding day. I used quality brooch pins with locks that will secure the pin.

Behind each doll, is a small printed tag. Since each of them is personalized to details, of course a simple scribbled tag won’t cut it for me! It is my job to make each of them special, and when the individual receives it, they would feel the sincerity of the bride.

Closeup - bottoms up!

I can’t emphasize enough how understanding Xiuling has been. She understands that we could discuss in length and details, but the final touches must be left at my full discretion. With that, I could set free the creativity and achieve the desired results. Some outcomes exceed my expectation. Yes, designers do get impressed with their own works at times.

The bridal team - mosaic

Even the photography team gets a doll! Lucky them! To read about the individuals, please view the slide show.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

P/S: Please be advised that we will be closing the MTO (made-to-order – applies to most of our dolls) by this weekend, due to overwhelming orders, which has filled through May 2012. If you are interested in customizing dolls for your wedding or other events, the turnaround is at least 6 months time.

Details of the closure of the MTO section will be announced via our newsletter and facebook page.

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  1. Katey
    January 18, 2013 at 12:24 PM


    I wanted to inquire about the personalized bottle cap/fridge magnet that you gave to a the wedding couple as posted in this blog entry. We are thinking of making it as our wedding souvenirs for our guests. Kindly email me back at [email protected] for us to talk more about this. Thank you.


    • January 18, 2013 at 12:33 PM

      Hi Katey,

      We have replied, please check your inbox, if it’s not there, please check your spam/junk folder.


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