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Wedding Mascot at the Wedding Dinner

Simple or dramatic, seemingly interesting or plain, every wedding has a love story to tell, one that is unique to the couple.

Behind this set of wedding dolls, knitted in with a deep and passionate emotion that the couple shares. For the good times, for the bad times, for all the times that follows from this point forward.

Often, we allow the day-to-day fuss fades the precious feelings we have for our partner; let’s remember the time when love begins, when the world is made better because this significant other exists. Remember, the love story…

The mother of the bride

Holding the wedding dolls is the mother of the bride, who is and will always be proud of her beloved daughter who has found her happily ever after.

Do you keep something from your wedding? Wouldn’t it be so nice to keep something that helped in a small way in making that day special? Our memory is not the most reliable thing, but our brain is the most amazing matter in the universe, the brain triggers sweet memories of the special day, and allow us the chance to relive for a moment, of that day.


Photos courtesy of Elizabeth & Mark

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