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Health Ninjas - Spreading Love

These are known as ‘Health Ninjas’. All the ninjas trained in this class graduate with one sole objective – to keep you healthy and have a happy heart. Aside from guarding your health, they are also the Love Ambassadors. Give one of these to the special someone, and leave the ninja to work the mojo. 😉

Sneaky Ninjas - The Bodyguards

Of course, there is another class of Ninjas await. The rising stars in our shop – Sneaky Ninjas!

Oh well, they are trained to be watchful and vigilant. They are also highly skilled with lightning speed and feather-like movements. You won’t even know that they had come and left! You thought they just sit there and stare?

Ninjas in action

We have stopped accepting new MTO orders for now, and decide to make some ready-made dolls instead. They are now listed on our official eShop, and only 1 unit per color.

Each ninja measures 15cm / 6″ tall in seating position.



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