Love Story – School Sweethearts & the Kitty Cat

Love Story Series - School Sweethearts

Remember the ‘Love Story Series – Bus-Stop Lovers‘? It sure takes many months before the pattern is completed. Work is still very busy so we are working on ‘structured’ hours system – dedicated blocks of hours for specific tasks.

We have received numerous emails about this design. Our profound apologies for the delay, you know, the traveling, the year end craze, and the back-to-back order schedule. Wait no more, the pattern is finally done, and listed up on our online shops!

What’s different is that the pattern is offered without the bus-stop, hence the renaming of the set as ‘School Sweethearts’. In this pattern set, you will find…

The girl with a cat in a bag

The school girl and the kitty cat. The cat is really a bonus.

The boy and the kitty cat

The school boy – possibly the model student – with the kitty cat. My guess is that the cat gets bored being bagged in the girl’s school bag, hops out and plays with the boy instead.

The School Sweethearts & the Kitty Cat

This set of dolls tells a love story of the school sweethearts and a kitty cat. They see each other in school, in class, and during breaks. Both are cat lovers, and they share a common dream – stay in love forever, till the end of time.

Both stand at approximately 13cm / 5.1” tall; the kitty cat is approximately 4cm / 1.6” tall.

This set of dolls makes a perfect gift for anniversary gift, wedding gift, valentine gift, or simply for your own.

:: tutorial pattern in PDF file :: intermediate skills level ::


+ 9mm black safety craft eyes x 2 pairs
+ 5mm black safety craft eyes x 1 pair
+ yarns: dark brown, flesh tone, black, yellow, orange, pink, white, pale blue, denim blue, yellow-brown
+ crochet hook 1.75mm
+ polyfill
+ doll needle (long)
+ head pins
Optional: snap button to secure flap of school bag

:: Highlights of the pattern::
+ Different arms and hands – we give you palm this time!
+ Bob hairstyle for the girl
+ Tiny kitty cat
+ Shorts for the boy
+ Sneakers for the couple

Product Reference:
+ School Sweethearts Crochet Pattern

P/S: Finished products (exclude ready-made) and MTO orders section is closed, until further notice. Our order schedule is queued till end May, and we are not accepting new orders for now.


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