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Proposing Dolls

“Will you marry me” might be among the most feared phrase for anyone who is proposing a life time commitment.

There are many reasons for the nervous breakdown, but the most common is likely the ‘wildcard’ effect. We may think we are more than certain about how our partner want; we think the vague questions to test water before the day of proposal gives us an accurate cue of the outcome. Still, at that precise moment, the butterflies in the stomach still churn everything topsy.

Sure, most of us don’t really get rejected, but, you’d never know.

It is precisely the same reason a formal proposal ought to be in place. You want to know that person is willing to take risks for you. This, is one of those moments that we will talk about forever, make it happen!

I have a hunch this couple has a unique story to tell, and I hope whatever it is, it ends with fireworks, champagne to celebrate and a life event to plan!


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Marry Me proposal dolls


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